Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mon. May 28th - Sun. June 3rd

Mon. May 28th

Memorial Day!!

We went swimming and BBQ'd with some great friends!
Thanks Cami :)

Tues. May 29th

Jace's last award assembly for 1st grade.

He missed less than 3 days of school so he received the "Good Attendance" Award.
He also received "Good Citizenship for the Year".

His teacher didn't want to let him go. 
She promised to keep him and teach him all 2nd grade stuff.
We will miss her too!

Soph built a castle and a car for her Barbies.
Then....not realizing what she was saying, she says,
"They are going to a block party."
Get it??

Wed. May 30th

Mannie's last award assembly for 5th grade.
He earned "Honor Roll" for the Semester AND for the whole year.
He also received the "Good Sportsmanship" award.

He's worked REALLY hard all year!!!
We are SO proud of him.

Thurs. May 31st.

On a date with THIS man!
Love him like he loves his Magic Sauce on his Flame Broiler bowl, Haahhhaa!!

Made teacher gifts.
A pretty plant for them to plant and a fun saying on a pencil to go in it!

Fri. Jun. 1st.

A bitter sweet day for me.
As always I love when Summer comes.
I hate that my kids and I are all a year older.

It went by way too fast this year!!!

Here is our last day wrapped up in lots of photos and me blabbing :)

French Toast sticks to "Toast" to the last day!!
They gobbled it all before I could get a picture of it on their plates!

Lunches packed...

lunches going into backpacks...

(Ty's spirit shirt is so full of holes, time to retire it!   It will be added to the t-shirt quilt!)

End of year photo...
Jumping for joy!

Our last (Morning) drive to school...

Saying bye to teachers...
Jace's water day!

Saying bye to friends.

We surprised the boys with a fun banner when we pulled up from school.
They were beyond excited when they found out they were going to run through it.

Then I surprised them with candy leis!!
YAAYYY for Summer!!

Ty tried out his boogie board on the grass with a hose,
hit a bump and landed in a mud puddle right before scouts.
Hang ten!!

Soph enjoyed a Mani/Pedi from Momma.
Now she's ready to roll!!

Sat. June 2nd

Last games!!
Team Captain Ty's team beat an undefeated team.

Sun. Jun 3rd.

Caught Ty finishing off the ice cream!
We don't use bowls around these parts :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 21st - May 27th 2012

Mon. May 21st

Mannie and Ty's Combined Birthday Party

Ty's birthday always lands on a day during Summer vacation or the first week of school.
Two of the worst times to get a hold of school friends to have a birthday party.
This year, the boys decided they would have one together.
Yippeee for me!!
Kill two parties with one... kachow!!

  GO TY!!!
 Jace taking down a boy twice his age!!

We organized a Flag Football party at the park.
Other than the fact that it was SUPER windy, it was one of the best parties the boys have ever had.

(Linc was sweet enough to sneak a few shots of the kids as they arrived).
We found the under eye stickers for all of the friends to wear.

Then as they came, they signed a football for both Ty and Mannie.

We had lots of junk to eat and tons of pizza.

 She's ready to play too!!

 Mannie insisted on wearing his mouth guard from his football helmet.
Little nerd looks like he had a lizard tongue!
He's got some speedy legs though!!
Get him TY!!


Wed. May 23rd

Mannie's Birthday


The balloons had money inside!

A happy Bithday boy :)

Facetime Birthday call with Char from Italy.

The last half day/park day for the year. 

Thurs. May 24th

Ty's last award assembly for 3rd grade.

He received "Scholar Of The Year".

Awesome TyTy!!

Cousins came to town!
Yippeee :)

My most AWESOME Brutha in law was sweet enough to risk his life along with Linc to change out Ty's fan!!

Isn't he the BEST?!

Fri. May 25th

Enjoying my little nephew Blake.
He is THE cutest thing!!

Don't you just want to squeeze his little guts out?!??
So cute!!

 Started painting Ty's room. 
He helped me paint the whole bottom half.
He's a great helper :)

Sat. May 26th

Started our morning off with a long early morning run.
I love watching the sun come up...

The scary people after the run.  Hahaaahaa!

Finished Ty's Room.
Excited to decorate it now.

Sun. May 27th

Solitaire with Grandma!
Jace and I beat her BAD :)

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